PuraPC Computer Air Filter System Helps Stop Dust

PuraPC has an exclusive patent on the computer air filter system, which is comprised of several computer dust filters and filter monitoring software.  By placing a computer dust filter over an intake, you reduce the risk of dust related PC illnesses, such as overheating, system failure, and permanent data loss.   Using PuraPC's washable computer air filter system can prevent these ailments.

The computer dust filter material and all computer air filters in the PuraPC product line are made of 60-ppi polyurethane foam.  This dust filter material helps stop dust from entering any PC or server without any increase in temperature.  The computer air filters and computer dust filter material are installed over intake fans and vents as to not restrict the exhaust. Filters should not be placed over an exhaust, as this traps heat, and dust doesn't enter your computer this way. The cool air that is drawn into your PC through intake vents and fans is how dust enters the computer.

All PuraPC computer air filters and computer dust filter material is washable; just rinse under tap water.  This way the dust goes down the drain instead of building up inside your valuable computer or server. 

  PuraPC - the patented computer air filtering system

PuraPC software automatically reminds the user when to service the computer dust filter(s).  This makes sure that the computer air filters are always air permeable. The program is run in the background of your computer, always monitoring and protecting your PC from dust.

The PuraPC computer air filter system is that simple, just some dust filters and software. It is also simple to install with the easy to follow instructions included. So why keep letting dust build up inside your computer? Clean the inside of your PC with a can of compressed air, install the PuraPC computer air filter system and never worry about dust in your PC again.


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Protect the life of your system—inside and out—with PuraPC.  
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