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Q: Why use PuraPC?

PuraPC retails for less than $15
and provides constant protection for your computer or server from dust, 24-7. It's a small price for big protection - it could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs, downtime and data loss. The Computer Air Filtering System comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and free lifetime online customer support.


Q: Do I have to keep buying filters?

No, all filters in PuraPC are washable and reusable. The filters are easy to clean, just vacuum or run under tap water, and let dry.


Q: Does it cause computers to overheat?

No, PuraPC doesn't raise CPU or system temp -PuraPC's filters go over intakes instead of exhausts fans, so there is no trapping of heat inside the computer or server. The exhaust fans actually do their job better because of less dust in their bearings, which in time would normally slow them down.


Q: Will it work on my computer?

Yes, PuraPC is designed to work on all PC's and servers.
It protects any PC or server from dust, the #1 cause of hardware failure.


Q: Why is dust and dirt bad for my computer?

Dust traps heat in electronic components just like the insulation in your attic.

Dust and dirt can:

  • Trap heat; lead to overheating

  • possible fire hazard

  • Can cause short circuits

  • Burns out motors

PuraPC prolongs the life of your computer and prevents overheating.


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PuraPC - the patented computer air filtering system












Protect the life of your system—inside and out—with PuraPC.  
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