Dust is the #1 cause of computer hardware failure.

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Most environments have millions of dust particles floating in the air.
The power supply in most computers has a fan that blows out the hot air.
As the hot air is blown out, more air is drawn into the computer through the vents on the case.
As this fresh air comes in, so do dust particles.

Dust builds up on all components inside the computer or server.

Dust affects the speed and efficiency of your CPU fan.

Dust and dirt can:

  • Trap heat; lead to overheating

  • possible fire hazard

  • Can cause short circuits

  • Burns out motors


PuraPC helps prevent dust and dirt build up inside any computer or server.

Placing PuraPC filters on intakes helps prevent dust from entering without raising system or CPU temperature.

PuraPC filters can be placed inside the computer to retain cosmetic looks while still preventing dust build-up.



PuraPC software monitors filter usage to ensure the filters are always air-permeable. PuraPC will automatically remind you when your filter(s) need service.


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Protect the life of your system—inside and out—with PuraPC.  
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